Pick up and play retail security with varying levels of strength for low, medium and high-risk locations.

Smartphone Retail Security

Loss prevention for smartphones

Smartphone security that is designed to cope with the opportunist thief looking to achieve a quick "grab and run" style theft and the thief on the opposite end of the spectrum that has calculated and planned their attack. Proven to reduce the theft of iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Blackberry, LG, HTC and other handsets for retailers and brands worldwide.


Being a UK designed and manufactured product, it can be made to specific dimensions, finish and colours with a rapid turn around time.

Designed and made in Britain

Next day delivery

Bespoke product variations

Unrivalled levels of mechanical strength

Let's start by deciding on a Retractor

medium, high and ultra-high strength Retractor options

high security

medium security

ultra-high security

Next, the Gripper, for high-risk locations

Adjustable width and depth, perfect for displaying handsets from the Samsung Note series to the smaller Doro handsets.

Optional Gripper

Ergonomically designed arms that will sit comfortably in a customer's hand. Despite the strength it provides, the Gripper is a light-weight add-on which gives the customer a "true feel" of the device.


The Gripper has a wide range of adjustment, both width and depth which means that it will fit all of your displayed handsets.

Unobtrusive arms that provide full access to all device features and functions.

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Now let's consider added alarm protection

A sophisticated alarm system that's refreshingly simple to use, but bad news for thieves

Alarm key reader

All charging and alarm contacts are hidden deep within the fixture, therefore preventing a thief from damaging the unit and subsequently silencing the alarm. .


Built-in LED's depict the state of the alarm.

Product charging

Charging is provided directly to the Sensor and then channelled through to the device.


Optional charger alarm


48 hour battery backup

Devices remain alarm protected in the event of a local power failure.

All charging and alarm contacts are hidden deep within the fixture, therefore preventing a thief from damaging the unit and subsequently silencing the alarm.

Zero vulnerability

Three-point alarm activation

The alarm will activate if a cut attempt is made on the Retractor, the Sensor is removed from the device or the charge lead is unplugged (optional).

Finally, tell us of any special requirements

Bespoke retail security designed to specific colours, finishes

and dimensions.

Made to fit your display

It's much easier for us to make changes to the dimensions of our products than it is for you to alter your display, certainly if it's already in-store.

Whether it's a specific thickness, depth or angle, we're able to help. Having our products designed and manufactured in the UK allows us to offer short lead times on bespoke variations.



Brushed Steel





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