Alarm Hubs that host from 1 to 200 displayed products and electronic tamper switches that work with products of all shapes and sizes

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Let's start by choosing the right

hub for your project.

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Start by telling us how many products you need to securely display.

6 Port Alarm Hub

Perfect for standalone displays within retail environments that have from 1 to 6 vulnerable products that need to be displayed securely. You have the option of a built-in or remote key switch.

8 Port Alarm Hub

Capable of alarm protecting up to 16 individual products with iButton Control and alarm status LED's. The 8 Port Alarm Hub has up to 64 hours of battery back-up in the event of a local power failure.

12 Port Alarm Hub

12 available ports that will each alarm protect 12 displayed products. The built-in key switch makes managing the alarm an easy task. Being small in size, the 12 port hub can be easily hidden inside or behind a unit, presenting the customer with a tidy display.

16 Port Alarm Hub

Capable of alarm protecting up to 16 individual products with iButton Control and alarm status LED's. The 16 Port Alarm Hub has up to 64 hours of battery back-up in the event of a local power failure.

200 Port Alarm Hub

This particular alarm hub has the capability of hosting up to 200 products, each alarm protected individually. Using a chain based design with variable lengths allows for a complete retail store to be protected by one alarm hub.

The 200 port alarm hub can be managed remotely and offers added features such as automatic CCTV switching. This alarm hub is ideal for large retail stores with multiple

vulnerable products or a technology hub within a school or college.

Now let's decide which Alarm System

Sensor is best suited.

You can use the quick navigation section below, or take a moment to scroll through each

Sensor to see how and where it's used.

Flexible Sensor

The Flexible Sensor is designed to adhere to both flat and curved surfaces. Internal LED's will indicate the status of the alarm and tampered with, in addition to the audible warning giving off by the alarm, the effected Sensor will turn to a solid red, making it easier to locate on display.

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Adjustable Loop Sensor

The lasso style sensor is designed to wrap around or through a displayed item, making it a perfect choice for almost any item on display. Available in both straight and coiled leads with internal LED's that indicate the alarm status.

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USB Sensor

The USB Sensor will plug into any device with a USB port. If the cable is cut or the lead is unplugged, the alarm that it's connected to will emit a high pitched audible warning designed to deter but also alert store staff.

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Micro LED Sensor

The Micro LED Limpet features a sensitive miniature micro-switch and is attached to the merchandise by a hi-bond adhesive pad.

The small and discreet Micro Sensor is perfect for small displayed items such as, electrical toothbrushes, perfume, ornaments and Bluetooth speakers.

Mini Limpet Sensor

The Mini Limpet features a sensitive miniature micro-switch that is depressed once the Sensor is adhered to a displayed product.

It’s ideal for securing almost any item of any size and is available as a retractable option, which is commonly used to secure displayed Cameras.


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Tab Sensor

The Tab Lead uses membrane technology to secure a wide variety of items, as the Tab Lead can adhere to almost any surface. If the membrane is removed and contact with the displayed product is broken the alarm will sound.

Various tab sizes available. Used to secure items such as laptops, screens, household appliances and electrical beauty items.

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Phono Sensor

The Phono Sensor’s simple yet effective design allows you to secure any video or sound equipment. If the Phono Sensor is removed from the displayed product, it will instantly trigger the alarm it's connected to.

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