Mechanical and electronic security for laptops on display, designed to prevent theft and ensure display conformance.

Laptop Device Security

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Electronic Security

(secure up to 200 laptops)

Mechanical Security Tether

Electronic Security

Various Electronic Tamper Switches

Choose from a number of tamper switches, such as USB, Flexible Tab, 35mm Limpet and more.
If the tamper switch is removed from the displayed product, the chosen alarm hub will subsequently activate, triggering a high pitched alarm signal.
LED's indicate the status of the alarm and act as a deterrent.

From one port to 200 port alarm hubs

From single product displays to entire technology hubs within education environments, there is an alarm for every scenario. Add-ons include automatic CCTV switching, numerous management panels, remote displays, sounders and more.


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The Laptop security lead is a heavy-duty steel cable with a Kensington style lock that secures most laptops and notebooks. The Laptop Lead is a simple and effective theft deterrent.

Tough on thieves – The strong steel rope can be securely locked or looped into a fixed anchor point or lassoed around a leg or bar on the display.

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Mechanical Security

A buying customer needs to experience the weight and size of the laptop as well as all features before making the final decision, therefore our laptop device security products are designed to sit discretely and are lightweight.

A visible LED indicates to a potential thief that the product is armed, deterring the opportunist. Mechanical security can be used in conjunction with electronic security, both of which do not obstruct the product and grant access to every element of the displayed laptop or notebook.

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