Security for camera devices in low to high risk environments with accessories to secure detachable lenses and more.

Camera Device Security

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Fixed (non-pickup)


Pick-up & Play

Pick up & Play

Tripod fixing and tamper switches

High bond adhesive pads and a security screw ensure a secure connection between the camera and mount. The retractor has a tamper switch that will trigger an alarm (if one is in use) and alert store staff of a potential theft. An additional tamper switch can then be secured to a detachable lens.

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Uniform, cable free, retracting display

The camera can be lifted from its dock, interacted with and once a customer has finished, the retractor will gently guide the displayed camera back into position. Two magnets will ensure that the camera sits neatly and the retracting wire will then be out of sight. Producing a cable free, uniform display.

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Security for detachable lenses and accessories

Often the lens poses a higher risk of theft than the camera body itself, purely due to value. To overcome this we offer a retractor with an additional alarm sensor which secures and adheres to a detachable lens on display.
This additional alarm sensor can be used to secure any camera accessory that you may have displayed next to the camera.

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Fixed, ideal for high-risk environments

The fixed camera mount provides full access to camera features and functions but prevents pick-up and reduces the scope of theft considerably.
The levels of mechanical strength provided are sufficient, but if an extra layer of security is required, tamper switches are introduced which trigger an alarm (if one is used).

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Fixed with accessory security

Camera device security should emphasise the product, not the security product used to display it. Therefore we've designed our camera device security system to be as discrete as possible.
A relatively small mount is used as a dock for the camera with magnetic positioning and retracting cable, which when docked is completely hidden. Both the pick-up and fixed camera security systems are designed to aid loss prevention and reduce shrinkage while maintaining the all-important customer experience.

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