Designed to secure displayed merchandise in low risk environments.

Alarmed Retracting Tether

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Alarmed Retracting Tether with Adjustable

(Lasso) Loop
The adjustable loop will wrap around or through almost any displayed item. The 1.3m retracting cable enables product pick-up, after which the displayed product is retracted back into position.

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Alarmed Retracting Tether with USB

The USB connector will plug into a wide range of displayed electronics. If the USB is disconnected or the wire is cut, the Alarmed Retractor's internal alarm will trigger, emitting a high pitched alarm signal, deterring opportunist thieves.


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Alarmed Retracting Tether with Micro USB

The Micro USB connects to anyone displayed electronic device with a Micro USB port. If the connection between Retractor and product is broken, the internal alarm will trigger.

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Alarmed Retracting Tether with 35mm Limpet

The 35mm Limpet adheres to the displayed product with a high bond adhesive pad. Due to the surface area, the level of adhesion provided is substantial.

A hidden tamper switch triggers the internal alarm is the product is tampered with or a theft attempt is made.

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Alarmed Retracting Tether with Oval Limpet

If the displayed product is small in size, the Oval Limpet may be the better choice over the 35mm Limpet above. The high bond adhesive pad will still provide a high level of adhesion but the smaller Oval Limpet will sit more discretely on the displayed product.

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Alarmed Retracting Tether with

Watch Strap Clamp

Fits a wide range of watch strap thickness and widths. The internal tamper switch will rest against the strap and if a theft attempt is made, the switch will trigger the internal alarm.

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A 1.3 metre multi core retracting steel cable allows your customers to pick up a product with ease, interact, play and then see it retracted back into its original position.


A built-in high pitched alarm signals if the product is tampered with and is managed with a remote key.

The various end fittings provide you with a security product that can work with almost any displayed product. The Alarmed Retracting Tether is available immediately from stock.

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